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MTG Meta Joins the DotGG Gaming Network

Valued readers, it is our pleasure to welcome the Magic statistics and analytics site to the DotGG gaming network! mtgmeta is a website focused on the data of competitive MTG. All of the results from Magic tournaments, along with data shared by users, is compiled on mtgmeta and used to calculate and track the winrates and metagame share of archetypes across Standard, Historic, and all of Magic’s other competitive formats.

Looking towards the future, it is our plan to integrate many aspects of mtgmeta with MTG Arena Zone, as well as track Arena-specific data! We’ve got articles and strategy guides, and mtgmeta’s database will help us to provide you, our readers, with precise and up-to-date information about the competitive metagame as it develops on a constant basis. Stay tuned for more details on exactly how our sites will be working together as we continue to develop new features and improve upon the ones that are already in place.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment to answer an important question: What exactly does mtgmeta bring to the DotGG network and to our readership?

Powerful Tools for Viewing and Comparing Data

The expansive dataset on mtgmeta is aggregated to provide a wide range of tools for users to view and compare the performance of each archetype across Magic’s formats. Expected performance for any given deck is provided by comparing its winrate against each other archetype in the format, also taking into consideration the meta share of each deck. On the mtgmeta Decks page, the highest performing archetypes are broken down by format and presented with their overall winrates and share of the meta:

Each archetype has its own page that includes charts of performance and metagame share over time, as well as a sample decklist and specific winrates against other archetypes (see an example). You can even use a basic playtester that allows you to goldfish any of the decks on the site through the deck details page.

Meanwhile, the Metagame section includes a more detailed breakdown of the performance of each archetype in the selected format, along with powerful comparative tools. A Global Performance table provides specific winrates for each archetype versus other archetypes in the meta:

The Metagame page also lists the archetypes with the top expected performance in each format based on current match data, and even includes a section to view the most popular cards from Top 8 decks.

Tournament Results From Across the Web

One of the key features that drives mtgmeta is the compilation of tournament data collected from as many sources as possible. You can view all of the raw results directly from the mtgmeta Tournaments page. We’re planning on some integration between the tournament reports you’re used to here on MTGA Zone and the results page from mtgmeta – more on that soon.

In addition to the basic results, each tournament listed on the site also includes a full suite of data on the metagame from the event. You’ll find everything from card popularity to a performance matrix that compares the matchup results from each archetype and how they perform against each other. Check out an example tournament from last weekend’s SCG events.

mtgmeta also offers tools to mix the results from multiple tournaments, producing a matrix with a wider data pool and therefore more accurate results. Here’s an example showing all eight of the recent SCG satellites compiled into one chart:

Individual, Personalized Stat Tracking

Among the developing features on mtgmeta are stat trackers for your decks and matches played. Players of Magic: Online, also known as MTGO, can already use the site’s tool to directly import match results.

A useful tool is included in the Personal Stats section that allows you to input a custom expected meta. If you know what the metagame is going to look like for an upcoming tournament online or at your local store, you can manually input the meta shares for each archetype to calculate which of your decks has the highest expected winrate against that specific meta – or if you prefer, you can just compare your deck against the overall format meta and go from there.

You can learn more about mtgmeta’s stat tracking tools and get started creating a profile on mtgmeta on the Users page. There are more features being developed, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Bringing You More Content and Features

We couldn’t be more excited for the future of our Magic content with joining the network. We hope that you’ll take a moment to browse mtgmeta and see everything it has to offer for yourself. If you want to learn more, you can check out the mtgmeta About page and also the Roadmap which details suggested and planned features.

As we get started integrating the two websites, our teams will be hard at work to improve the design and experience of both to bring you the best experience possible for digital MTG content. Please let us know if you have comments, suggestions, or feedback regarding mtgmeta so we can continue to improve the site and make it work better for you.

We can’t wait for you all to see what’s in store in the coming months, and we thank everyone for reading and being a part of our ever-expanding community. Until next time!