1v1 Tier List MultiVersus

MultiVersus Character Tier List for 1v1 and 2v2 (Stripe Release)

MultiVersus is a platform fighter with many unique characters within its roster. With a focus on teamplay, however, it can be hard to figure out what characters are the best, especially in a team setting. This can get more confusing if we consider 1v1’s in the mix, as some characters are clearly better in one mode or the other.

This Tier List will be breaking down each character’s strengths and weaknesses in both modes, considering things such as team synergy, advantage and disadvantage states, and how each move can be used in combination with each other. All placement of characters will change through the game’s life, with patches changing characters and adding new ones, so the placement of each character is subject to change, either with discussion or game balance.

Note, all characters can win or lose against any other character. This is not representative of any characters being “bad” or “unplayable”. In fighting games, you can win with any character, and I do not think there is a “bad” character within MultiVersus, some just have to work harder to achieve victory than others.

What does a Tier List for MultiVersus even mean?

In MulitVersus, as a platform fighter, each character has strengths and weaknesses. This Tier List will rate how viable they are in the current meta, considering kill power, team synergy, frame data, active hitboxes, and combo potential.

Those ranked highly succeed at 1 or more of these fields, and what is more important differs from 2v2 and 1v1. For 2v2, characters that can provide buffs, help teammates who are in trouble, and how much their kit synergizes with the other characters. Characters who are excellent in 2v2 help finish off enemies, rack up damage, or enable their teammate to finish off opponents easier.

For 1v1, things like speed, frame data, disadvantage and advantage states, kill power and confirms, and combo potential are considered. They have safe combo starter options, stage control, and good and usually simple kill options. Characters at the top of both lists can succeed in most, if not all situations, and have a few weaknesses, or few bad match-ups, while remaining strong against most of the cast.

Note, the Tier List is not ordering within each Tier

Tier List for 1 v 1

Tier List for 2 v 2

Tier Criteria

  • SS – These are characters that succeed against all or most other characters in the rooster. For 2v2, these can synergize with every character in some capacity, and help their teammate either kill, rack up damage, enable many kill confirms for you or your teammate, or have the ability to help teammates get out of danger. In 1v1, they easily deny the enemy’s approach, have very good recovery and mix up options, good frame data (having more active frames than others, less whiff recovery), and can have a multitude of ways to start or finish combo strings. They have good kill confirm options, range and are still a challenge to face if playing extremely well.
  • S – These are characters that have what all the characters in SS have, but with some restrictions, telegraphed combo starting options, or more problem match-ups, requiring some creativity and knowledge of the other characters to win against certain match-ups. For 2v2, these characters have not as good but still solid synergy with most of the cast. They might not enable teamplay as much, but can play independently and still do very well. They can finish enemies for their teammates if they cannot, or succeed at projectile pressure to get the opponent’s off your ally. These characters are less about what they bring to their teammates gameplay and options, but more focused on individual skill or power. For 1v1, these characters have many advantages for several match-ups, but can be predictable in their approach, leading to the opponent being able to react easier due to this. They have less diverse kill options, combo starters, or can be spiked easily due to less recovery options than others.
  • A+ – These are characters that require more effort to play effectively than the rest of the cast, requiring mastery of the character to be able to defeat those in higher tiers. These characters have distinct strengths and weaknesses, and most players can expect how you will play and act at an average level. It can be harder to win when the opponent is playing a character that exposes those weaknesses easily, and those in this tier have more problem match-ups compared to the rest of the cast. Game knowledge and match-up knowledge is key to win with these characters at a high level.
  • A – These characters require more work to win than anyone else in the cast. These are those whose strengths are often overshadowed due to the other characters having better options and moves than them. These are not seen often in competitive play due to these issues, and should get some sort of buff in upcoming patches in my opinion. They can still win any match, but require much more work to see results than the others in the roster.


A lot of top tier characters either have really good projectiles or good defensive options. Characters that are lower on the tier list have a pretty bad disadvantage, bad frame data, or many options in their moves that require you to commit to them. This becomes an issue, especially when playing in an online environment, since the online netcode is quite unpredictable with how well it performs.

Projectiles are somewhat meta right now, so characters who have the best of those are performing better than those without. The meta is constantly changing and shifting, so this tier list is prone to many changes, which I will try my best to update it as I can.

EVERY CHARACTER IS VIABLE. Especially with the focus on 2v2 battles, each character’s weakness can be covered by having a teammate that helps counter what you’re bad against. Everyone can win and everyone can lose, it just depends on your experience and match-up knowledge. Keep that in mind!