MultiVersus Tom and Jerry Starter Guide

Tom & Jerry are a Mage character that focuses on Horizontal damage and Vertical Kills. They can unleash a barrage of projectiles to apply pressure and to keep enemies away from both of them. They are good at zoning enemies out, chaining projectile hits together, and have strong aerial attacks, but struggle as the enemy can kill Jerry, making your combos and zoning potential much worse as you lose a vital part of your move set for a while.

Tom & Jerry Match-up Chart

Tom & Jerry have many tools and abilities that can be useful is most situations, but characters that can kill Jerry easily can put a dent in your plans. Some moves that can kill him or put him into a vulnerable position are…

  • Velma’s word bubble (Neutral Special)
  • Jake’s House\Boat\Car move (Down Special)
  • Steven’s Shields (Up Special and Side Special)

Tom & Jerry have various options they can do at any given time. Need a strong projectile? Shoot Jerry (Neutral Special) for a good combo start, or to create some space. Jerry died? Use your dynamite stick (Aerial Down Special) and hit it with your tennis racket to make a barrier while you reset and recalculate your game plan. Having trouble recovering? Use your rocket (Aerial Up Special) or fishing rod (Side Special) to help you get back on stage while fending off the enemy. Tom and Jerry are excellent at adapting to different situations, but struggle a lot when Jerry isn’t alive.

The match-ups that are hard for Tom & Jerry come from those who can kill Jerry easily. For example, Velma’s word bubble, since you can put so many out so fast, is very effective at either hitting Jerry as even just one of them will kill him. Steven can be hard to hit with your projectiles, as his shields make it hard to approach with your main tools, and his access to super armor is bad for Jerry as he can block him, then attack. Jake’s house can be used above him to land over him, and if you use quark shot with Jerry at all while he is transformed, it gets reflected right into Jerry.

They are really good at stopping characters with larger hitboxes, or horizontal movement or attacks. Finn for example, gets countered by shooting Jerry, rendering his ability to charge attacks while moving very punishable by you. Iron Giant is massive, so Jerry, Fishing Rod, or Rockets don’t have a hard time hitting him, with Fishing Rod being very strong. Lebron’s Ball (Neutral Special, Up Special, or Down Special) can be destroyed by shooting Jerry into it, and since his ball has to travel in certain ways, it can become easy to predict and destroy it. Morty can be a bit tricky at first, but after a while, you learn how to deal with all of this projectiles. If you can get good reads on his snake projectile, you could reflect it back. Also, reflected tennis balls or Jerryshot (Neutral Special) can destroy the shards his grenades send out, and if he uses spaceship to recover, your frying pan is very nice to bounce him from the ship, to the top of the stage. Watch out for his grenades, and make sure to position Jerry either in places that are out of reach of his projectiles, or grab Jerry out of harm’s way.

Best Perks for Tom & Jerry

  • Attack – Make It Rain, Dog! / Ice to Beat You! / That’s Flammable, Doc!

For Attack Perks, Make It Rain, Dog! is essential for Tom & Jerry, as it allows most of your moves to be faster. Ice to Beat You! will slow the enemy a bit, allowing you to follow up easier. It also reduces their movement speed, so hitting with Jerry or Dynamite is easier, and can allow you to combo into it easier as well with that slight opening the slow gives. That’s Flammable, Doc! helps rack up damage fast, due to how many projectiles you can throw out, and how easy it is to combo into them.

  • Defense – School Me Once / Toon Elasticity / Slippery Customer

For Defense Perks, School Me Once helps you against some of your bad match-ups, such as Velma or Bugs by giving you a shield, which can help a lot if you are waiting for Jerry to respawn. Toon Elasticity is useful on any character, by increasing your survivability. Slippery Customer helps increase your dodge effectiveness, giving a few more frames of invulnerability. This can help get out of combos, or get past the enemy who is trying juggle you in the air.

  • Utility – Coffeezilla / Triple Jump / Tasmanian Trigonometry

For Utility Perks, Coffeezilla helps Jerry come back faster after dying, and while you get your other moves back fairly quickly, having access to your dynamite stick (Aerial Down Special), mouse trap (Grounded Down Special), and rockets (Up special) can come in handy. Tasmanian Trigonometry, much like Toon Elasticity, is always helpful and helps you stay in the fight longer. Finally, Tom & Jerry’s aerials are very good, so being able to get higher to use your trash can smash (Aerial Up Attack), so having Triple Jump can help secure earlier kills.

  • Best Signature Perk – Dynamite Split

Dynamite Split is Tom & Jerry’s best signature perk, due to how flexable it can be, how it can help rack up damage, and it’s ability to help you force your enemies to keep their distance. It has little knock back, let you combo easier from the move, and the spread of the sticks makes somewhat of a wall to prevent the opponent from forcing their way to you. The only problem is your opponent might catch on to you using this and dodge accordingly, but overall it is help to help set-up or position yourself to a safer area.

Placement in the Tier List

Tom & Jerry have little problems outside of losing Jerry, which put them in S tier. They have tools for so many different situations, and very good kill moves. For being a mage, they excel in ranged combat, and can do very well in up close encounters as well. Good Tom & Jerry players can use Jerry very well to a point where the enemy will have little to no chances to kill him. He can combo into his projectiles extremely well, and players who are new with this character can play him effectively without needing to know complex combos or set-ups.

Tips and Tricks

  • Some of Tom & Jerry’s kill moves are frying pan (Aerial Down Attack), trash can smash (Aerial Up Attack), your fishing rod (Side Special) and sometimes your rocket attacks (Up Special)
  • Fishing rod gives you horizontal movement in the air, so you can use it to gain some distance for recovering from off-stage, while it can also use to ward off enemies. It’s hard to hit it, but using it off stage is a great defensive tool and helps recovering
  • Pushing Neutral Special after launching jerry will fire tennis balls to his location, and will bounce off him. Using any attack will have him launch a quark as well. You can reflect both of these projectiles if you hit it with your Tennis Racket (Neutral Attack). You can do this with any other projectile as well
  • Your trash can smash (Aerial Up Attack) has a sweet spot where Jerry is during the attack. Combine this with triple jump to get some earlier then expected kills
  • When Jerry is launched out, using rocket (Up Special) will make the rocket go to Jerry’s location and explode where he is at. This can be useful for instance, if you need to recover so you shoot Jerry on stage, then rocket to him. This move is very versatile so try it out!
  • Your Grounded Up Attack, the paddleball, can be charged and used while moving. This is a good anti-air, and if timed right, you can combo it into your Aerial Up Attack. This can be great to catch opponents trying to land