Tower of Fantasy Meryl and Rosy Edge Build Guide

Learn how to build Tower of Fantasy Meryl with our guide. Featuring her skills, weapon attributes, best matrices, best teams and more.

In every mainstream media, there is always going to be a character that fits the “Ice Queen” stereotype – in Tower of Fantasy, that’s Meryl.

If you’re having trouble and probably wondering on how to build Tower of Fantasy Meryl, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Know more about her using our in-depth strategy guide featuring her weapon, skills, best matrices build and best team composition.

Tower of Fantasy presents a unique world with futuristic facilities, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a sci-fi fantasy environment. The game itself has plenty of things to offer, including compelling stories and a complete roster of interesting and well thought-out characters to explore.

Simultaneously, encountering large enemies and terrifying bosses will become a big part of your life in the world of Aida. That being said, it is necessary to keep your character strong and become adept at fighting.

Who is Tower of Fantasy Meryl?

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Build Guide

She is the Senior Executor for Hykros and is an excellent swordmaster with her elegant combat prowess. An enigmatic character who appears aloof in all those ice-cold glory, but cares deeply for those around her on the inside.

Let us now take a look on how she fares up in this Tower of Fantasy Meryl Build Guide. From her weapon, skills and attacks, advancement and awakening, best team compositions, down to her upgrade materials and gifts, and how to obtain this powerful unit. If your plan is to be a Meryl main and would like to know if she is worth investing for, then this guide is for you.

Meryl is an SSR Simulacrum whose main role as a Tank stands out among others. She is considered an S Tier unit who wields a powerful Ice claymore, Rosy Edge, who can swing by and shatter shielded enemies.

  • Height: 170cm
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Horoscope: Libra
  • Birthday: October 10
  • EN Voice Actor: Kira Buckland
  • JP Voice Actor: Yui Ishikawa

Rosy Edge

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Rosy Edge

Rosy Edge, a defense type greatsword who deals Ice damage, is Meryl’s weapon of choice. One of Meryl’s greatest strengths is her ability to knockback enemies, and it’s all thanks to her weapon.

Shatter usually applies to units with the ability to break enemy shields. Meryl does that with a high shatter value of 12, which means the higher it is, the easier it is for her shield breaking tendencies, while Charge means the rate at how quickly she can gain those weapon charges.

Listed down below are the base stats of her weapon without the upgrades from equipped matrices, nor leveling it up yet.

  • CS: 272
  • Shatter: 12.00 (S)
  • Charged: 4.00 (B)
  • Attack: 15
  • Resistance: 7
  • HP: 1165
  • Type: Ice shell – Fully charged weapons will freeze the target for 2 seconds and leave it frostbitten for 6 seconds. Breaking the ice shell causes additional damage equal to 151.00% of ATK. While frostbitten, the target’s weapon charge rate is reduced by 50%.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Skills

Now we’re off to learning more about her combat skills and attacks in this Tower of Fantasy Meryl Build Guide. It’s important to take note that, down below, is Rosy Edge’s base stats at level one. As you level up the weapon, the damages and buffs it should provide for you will be having an increase as well.

Normal Attacks

Heavy Cleave

While on the ground, swing the greatsword to attack 4 times in a row.

First Attack: Deal damage equal to 72.9% of ATK + 4 and knock the target back a short distance.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 60.1% of ATK + 3 and knock the target back a short distance.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 105.4% of ATK + 6 and knock the target back a short distance.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 156.3% of ATK + 8, strongly suspend the target, then launch them upon landing.

Aerial Strike (Aerial)

While airborne or after jumping once, tap normal attack to attack 4 times in a row.

First Attack: Deal damage equal to 106.5% of ATK + 6.
Second Attack: Deal damage equal to 87.5% of ATK + 5.
Third Attack: Deal damage equal to 156% of ATK + 8.
Fourth Attack: Deal damage equal to 140.5% of ATK + 7 and deliver a knockdown, launch the target upon landing.

Rising Slash (Hold: Attack)

After the third normal attack, hold attack button to trigger Rising Slash.

Upon hit, strongly suspend the target and go airborne, dealing damage equal to 64.3% of ATK + 3.

Moonset Slash (Aerial and Hold: Attack)

Tap and hold normal attack while airborne (or tap when a target is selected), or tap normal attack while climbing, jumping backward, or using the Jetpack to trigger Moonset Slash.

While falling, each hit deals damage equal to 12.5% of ATK + 1. Upon landing, deal damage equal to 140.5% of ATK + 7 and launch targets.

The higher the altitude when triggering the attack, the greater the damage dealt, up to 600% damage.

Sneak Attack (Croch)

Approach the enemy from behind while crouching, then tap normal attack to use Sneak Attack, dealing damage equal to 570% of ATK + 30.

Whirlwind (Hold: Attack)

While standing still or moving, tap and hold normal attack to trigger Whirlwind, dealing damage equal to 132.8% of ATK + 7 every 0.5 seconds to the target. Grant hitstun immunity while in use.

Dodge Attacks

Devastate (Perfect Dodge)

Tap normal attack during the short perfect dodge window (tap an arrow button before dodging) to trigger Devastate.

Crescent Slash (Dodge)

Tap normal attack during the short period after dodging to trigger Crescent Slash.
Swing the greatsword to unleash sword auras forward, each dealing damage equal to 49.6% of ATK + 3.amage equal to 65.9% of ATK + 3 each hit and launch targets.



Swing the greatsword to launch sword auras forward, each dealing damage equal to 141.7% of ATK + 7 and increasing damage dealt by 5% with each hit. While active, immune to control effects. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Discharge Skill

Frost Barrier

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, upon switching to this weapon, remove all debuffs from the wielder and smash the ground to form a barrier, dealing damage equal to 503.2% of ATK + 26 to nearby enemies, suspending targets. This reduces their speed by 50% and stops them from dodge or jump.

The barrier lasts 5 seconds and blocks projectiles.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Advancement

If by any chance you’ve managed to obtain more than one copy of a Simulacra and you’ve got around to using their corresponding fusion cores, then that’s what you call Advancement. There are currently two ways – acquiring the character again via means of gacha pulling or purchasing them via the Commissary’s weapon store that is worth 120 black gold. Here in this Tower of Fantasy Meryl Build Guide are each of the Hykros Ice Queen’s special bonuses once you’re able to unlock her Advancement stars.

Level 1Increase shatter by 15% and restore 10% of HP after shattering the target’s shield.
Level 2Increase the current weapon’s base HP growth by 16%.
Level 3Upon switching to the weapon, gain an Ice Shield equal to 10% of Max HP. The Ice Shield lasts up to 10 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Level 4Increase the current weapon’s base HP growth by 32%.
Level 5Increase damage and shatter by 50% while the shield is active.
Level 6Upon switching to the weapon, gain an Ice Shield equal to 20% of Max HP and immune to controls when shield is active. The Ice Shield lasts up to 10 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Awakening Traits and Rewards

Awakening system can be unlocked once you’ve reached Level 18 in the game. These are the traits that can be unlocked when you’ve improved your relationship with the Simulacra. In other terms, these are like “passive skills” that are direct buffs for the said character, using the Awakening points accumulated along the way.

In this Tower of Fantasy Meryl Build Guide, these are two of the Hykros Ice Queen’s most valuable Awakening traits – while the rest are things like an avatar and additional lore content.

Cool Rose

1200 AwakeningReduce frost damage received by Meryl by 20%, gain immunity to the frostbitten effect, and reduce duration of being frozen by 50%.


4000 AwakeningReduce frost damage received by Meryl by 25%, gain immunity to the frostbitten effect, and reduce duration of being frozen by 50%.

Additionally, recollection rewards are given when you spoil Meryl her favorite gifts. Listed down below are the Awakening points you need to accumulate along the way to receive said rewards in-game.

Awakening PointsRecollection Rewards
200Avatar: Meryl
600Log: A Cool Conversation
1200Trait: Cool Rose
2000Log: Freezing Days
3000Log: Snow Melting
4000Trait: Frosted

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Best Matrices

Matrices system in Tower of Fantasy are similar to that of Artifacts in Genshin Impact. These items basically act like the backbone to your character’s performance in-game because of the direct stat buffs and set bonuses they can offer. It can be a game-changer when equipped to a weapon accordingly, and make your gameplay experience much better as you go on.

For Meryl, here are her best matrices in the game currently. It is dubbed as the best shield breaking defense unit with the second highest Shatter stat.

2-set KingFor every 10% shatter applied to a target, increase 
damage dealt by 4%/5%/6%/7% for 25 seconds, up to 3 
2-set ShiroIncrease both damage and shatter to targets with more 
than 50% HP by 15%/19%/22.5%/26%.

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Best Team

For the best teams involving Meryl, it is best to know that she works well in Fortitude teams. By definition, Fortitude means equipping two defense-type weapons to increase damage reduction by 25%, Shatter by 60%, and Aggro by 800%. In a team play, further boost damage reduction by 20%.

In this situation, Huma is another Tank unit who synergizes well with Meryl. When you take two of them for a team, you are now an indestructible force with their shielding capabilities. It is also recommended for the last slot, to fill in someone who can be a healer and deal DPS at the same time, like Nemesis. Moreover, King is another option if you want someone who can offer high burst DPS, as well as further increase Meryl’s shield breaking.

These are two of Meryl’s most viable teams at the moment, and it should now depend on which Simulacra you have on your roster, or how you want your game to play out for you to be able to pick your chosen ones.

Huma Tank Variant
Huma Tank

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Pros and Cons

Meryl’s kit, and her role as a Tank, have their own pros and cons. As much as she is a good and an effective unit against shielded enemies due to her high Shatter value, she only excels in PvP because of Rosy Edge’s capabilities of knocking back opponents while inflicting frostbite against them – but not so much in PvE combat.

The reason being how slow her attacks are, since obviously, she is a greatsword-wielder. Meryl’s movements are largely affected by this and her large swings, that’s why it can be difficult to defeat boss battles when using her.

Character Upgrade Materials

In order for you to be able to upgrade Meryl’s weapon, Rosy Edge, you will need certain upgrade materials which you can see below for your reference. The locations for the items can be found in this Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map available online.

110400Ice Core x2
220800Ice Core x2
3301200Ice Core x3, Nano Coating I x3
4401600Ice Core x3, Nano Coating I x3, Booster Frame I x3
5502000Ice Core x4, Nano Coating I x4, Booster Frame I x4
6602400Ice Core x6, Nano Coating I x6, Booster Frame I x6
7702800Ice Core x8, Nano Coating I x8, Booster Frame I x8
8803200Ice Core x11, Nano Coating I x11, Booster Frame I x11
8803600Heart of Winter x5, Nano Coating II x5, Booster Frame II x5

Best Gifts for Tower of Fantasy Meryl

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Best Gifts

When improving your relationship with your Simulacra, they can be given their favorite gifts to score Awakening points. For Meryl, here is a list of her favorite gifts under the Rare and Saved items.

  • Warren Fossil
  • 3D Hykros Puzzle
  • Crown Token
  • Silver Cookware
  • Smarty Doll
  • Snow Globe
  • Void Angel Figurine
  • Gem Necklace
  • Meteorite in a Bottle
  • Postcard of Aida
  • Retro Harmonica

How to Obtain Tower of Fantasy Meryl

Tower of Fantasy Meryl Weapons Galore

Currently, although Meryl is an SSR unit, she can be obtainable by all means in-game. There’s the standard Weapons Galore banner which you can pull for using black or gold nucleus, and if you decide to pull on the limited banner, there is also a chance that you can get her there if the featured weapon refused to come home.

Alternatively, an SSR Selector Box will be given once you’ve reached 700 points in the Newcomer Event. There, Meryl is a choice along with other powerful SSR characters and their weapons.

What do you think of Meryl as a Tanky, shield breaking goddess and how she fares in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments!